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*For larger purchases, we have a list of clients who have given us permission to share their contact info as a live referral. If you have any hesitations whatsoever, please reach out and allow a 3rd party to ease your concerns!


“Jeff has been my go-to mechanic for years on my 2003 Mustang. Throughout the course of owning my car, he has fabricated my aftermarket dual exhaust, installed cold air intake, full Eibach suspension kit, and throttle body. In addition, he has completed any mechanical work that needed taken care of, including suspension work, engine repairs, and other general maintenance. All of his work was top quality, and the service was completed in a timely manner. I highly recommend Jeff at Shit Tech for any vehicle work you need done; performance or maintenance alike! “ Justin from Mesa


“From the first time I spoke to Jeff I knew he was gonna be my go-to guy. He’s done phenomenal work on my car and I’m very grateful to have met him. Jeff rebuilt my engine in January 2016 and now she runs like a beaut’. My 2007 scion tc is forever grateful! Jeff puts extraordinary detail In his craft and kept me well-informed on the status of my car as he did the work. I called Jeff to take a look at my car to see what was going on and he knew right away it was one of the connecting rod bearings! Right off the bat I could tell that Jeff was well experienced and that he knew his stuff! I handed him the car and he knocked it out the park in about 3 days. He understood it was my daily driver and that I needed it to get to work, Jeff was up day and night working his a** off to the car back up and running . Thanks for all the work you’ve done Jeff! I really and truly appreciate it . And now, for some performance mods! 🙂 ” – Kevin from Phoenix


“Highly recommended if you are looking for a personal, yet professional, expert to take care of your car. He refuses to do half-ass work and I can tell he takes pride in his craft. Integrity driven, honest, and transparent in all things!” Ruth – Owner of Partners Against Grime (home and office cleaning) from Gilbert


“From my piece of crap but faithful Ford escort, to my wonderful Jetta, Jeff has serviced and gone beyond repairing and maintaining my vehicles. I honestly wouldn’t trust even dealers to work on my car. He is by far the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to mechanics. Not only that but its the fairest price you could find for the quality of work he does.
He’s Able to do a lot of custom work as well and trouble shoot any issues that may arise. From a basic oil change, to a full engine rebuild, I highly recommend letting him service your car. You wont be disappointed. “
Janelle from Mesa


“Jeff knows how to do a job right. He has an amazing attention to detail and always gets the job done right. I would trust him with any of my cars, any time. He gives great service at an unbelievable price.” Brian from Mesa


“Jeff did an amazing job on my brakes. He did them in a timely manner that was fast and efficient. I am definitely coming back in the future to get my car worked on by him. 5 stars!” – Austyn H. From Mesa