Shift Tech Performance is sponsoring a few builds this year for some lucky locals to help promote the company and illustrate why we should be your 1st choice when it comes to taking care of your VQ35 and VQ37VHR Built engine!

Built VQ37


Read the Story Behind The Build Here.

VQ37VHR All-Motor Build for 370Z by Shift Tech Performance

Performance Aftermarket Parts


Eagle Connecting Rods
Wiseco 11.5/1 Compression Pistons
ARP Head Bolts
JWT Cams
Micropolished Crankshaft Journals
Shift Tech Performance Engine Dress-up Package
Shift Tech Performance Blueprint

Genuine Nissan OEM Parts


Nissan/NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
Nissan OEM Thermastat
Nissan OEM Gasket kit
Nissan OEM Bearings


VQ37 Built Engine

The results were better than expected!
With only 50 miles of engine break-in…
Conventional engine oil for break-in…
Cats still installed…
and on a Dyno-Dynamics Dyno (the lowest reading dyno of the 4 main dynos)…
364 WHP!! 🙂

370zNa Build Dyno Results

Built 370z