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Shift Tech performance Shortblocks Include:

*Meticulously cleaned and inspected

*Deck is resurfaced

*Cylinders are bored and honed

*Crankshaft is cleaned and Micro-Polished

*Pistons/Rings are coupled with Cylinders for Perfect tolerances

*Rod and Main Bearings tolerances are set for your application

*ARP Main and Head Bolts are offered additional if requested or required.


Shift Tech performance Naked Longblocks Include:

*Short Block with selected performance or rebuilt cylinder heads torqued down on your choice of head gaskets.

*Cams are installed and caps are torqued down to spec

*Timing is approximated for easy timing kit install

Shift Tech performance Full Longblocks Include:

*Oil pans and gaskets and installed

*Timing components (gears, chains, tensioners, guides) are installed and timing is set

*Timing covers and gaskets are installed

*valve covers and gaskets (including front and rear main seals) are installed


Shift Tech Performance Cylinder Heads Include:

*Meticulously cleaned and inspected

*Heads Resurfaced

*Valve job and valve lapping (pneumatic and hydraulic seal testing)

*Valve lash or cam clearances set/checked/ and blueprinted

*Cam cap clearances checked

*Performance cams are degree’d to ensure perfect performance and reliability

*Port and Polish (optional)

*Oversized valves (optional where offered)

Short BlockLong BlockCylinder Heads