Part 1 of the vq35de short block assembly



Finishing up the short block and moving to heads


Heads/Timing cover/Oil Pans

Long Story Short:  Cylinder heads were rebuild (supposedly) by Basko Machine Shop, off of Guadalupe and Cooper.  Joey payed to have the heads completely rebuilt by these guys and like most machine shops, they didn’t bother resetting the cam clearances (valve lash) after performing the valve job, though they charged him for it.  They also marked the cam caps, but had them in the wrong positions to begin with, which actually caused both cams on the right head to pinch and wouldn’t rotate freely.  We had to go through and set all of the cam clearances and reorganize the cam caps using factory markings where visible, and by manual checking clearances on each cap….this was an all day nightmare 🙁

Aside from the heads not being done correctly, they didn’t champfer the cylinders which we also had to do in order to get the pistons/rings to slide into the cylinders.  Don’t even get me started on the honing…the fact that it was so poorly executed and didn’t even extend down into the lower section of the cylinders.  Look…I get there are going to be some bad jobs to come out of every shop. I have no idea if this typical and should be expected from Basko, but their reaction to our efforts to work out some form of compensation or refund leads me to believe it is.  Its very unfortunate that they were not willing to work with Joey at all even when given undeniable proof of their poor workmanship.  Two of the cam lobes on the right head had no clearance at all and would have resulted in two floating valves from start up…I mean…c’mon guys.

Of course Shift Tech Performance corrected all of these issues and more, and we guarantee our work (just and FYI).  Every engine we build come with that same guarantee and a blueprint that we will stand behind 100%.