2005 Scion Tc (The Guinea Pig)


This Scion TC is the reason why Shift Tech Performance LLC is even a thing!   Bought specifically with boost in mind,  this was Jeff’s daily driver for years as he stumbled into the performance world.  Almost every aspect of this car has been modified or replaced over the years.  Many lessons learned…many dollars wasted…but alas, we have a 100+k miles reliably on a 450whp scion tc and its still running strong!

Scion TC


K1 Technology Rods

Wiseco 8.5-1 Pistons   (.020″ over)

ACL race bearings

APR Head Studs

Micro Polished Crankshaft

Shift Tech Balance Shaft Delete Kit

Agency Power Lightweight Crank Pulley

Cometic Head Gaskets

Port-n-Polish on the Intake Ports on the head

ACT Stage 3 Clutch Kit

Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel

Camry Transmission (longer gears)

Turbo Kit ( 15-20 psi)

Treadstone Turbo Manifold

Precision .63 a/r turbo

Blow-Through MAF setup

Greddy BOV

Turbonetics Wastegate

Custom IC Piping

Custom Downpipe and 2.5″ exhaust

Custom Vacuum Box

Tuned on AEM FIC