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Nissan and Infiniti engines are the latest addition to the line-up of performance engines. We even carry and/or offer front wheel drive application of the vq30/vq35 for our Altima and Maxima enthusiasts. We couldn’t just sit back and let the RWD guys have all the fun 🙂
We offer the Short-blocks with and witout arp studs (mains and heads).
The Long-blocks are available in both naked and Full.
The naked blocks will include the completely assembled, and blueprinted, short block with the cylinder heads torqued down with the cams and caps installed. The full Blocks will include the timing kits/covers installed and are drop-in ready.

Toyota/Lexus Logo

Toyota/Scion is what drew Jeff into the performance aftermarket scene.
At 20 years old, Jeff bought his first new car: A 2005 Scion TC. Within a year of owning the car, with more confidence then experience, the first turbo kit was built using a hand-me-down hand tools from his late grandfather and a couple trips to Harbor Freight. The over build was a “stage 0” but still put 265 whp down on the dyno!
Within the next couple of years, many upgrades where made, including a bigger turbo, maf relocation, and the addition of AEM FIC for tuning. I ran on 18 lbs of boost for 80k miles and put out well over 450whp on a built 2az-fe. Its still running strong today…Not even an oil leak!!!!
Since gaining a bit of a reputation, many requests were coming in from the local Phoenix, AZ scion enthusiasts for help achieving the same power and reliability, thus the company was born.

Honda/Acura Logo

With as much hate as the Honda/Acura fan-boys get from the automotive community, Shift Tech Performance wants to extend an olive branch.
Having built Frankenstein K24’s that put down 245 whp with a tune, we know they aren’t all stickers and body kits. But if that’s your thing, we don’t judge 😉
If you want to swap out Honda’s notoriously high compression pistons for something a little more boost friendly; AWESOME! Nothing quite compares to the sound of a spooling turbo coupled with VTEC engagement. We get it…lets work together and make the haters hate!



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