350z g35 Lower Intake Manifold

350z g35 Lower Intake Manifold for VQ35DE AND Rev-Up models

*Front runners machined down to better supply front two cylinder with air

*Edges and surface machined smooth to reduce friction and promote better flow efficiency

*Painted Black standard or choose you own color

*Increase Throttle response, HP, and Fuel Efficiency

*Best if paired with a Rev-up Engine and/or a plenum spacer

*15-20whp achieved when paired with 5/16″ spacer and Shift Tech Performance Upper Manifold

**Shift Tech Plenum spacer recommend for optimal performance gains for all models.

O-O-S Sale- $477!!

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Color (If Not Black)

The two front runner are machined down on the 350z g35 Intake Manifold to promote better air supply to the front two cylinders which are typically starved of air. Even without a plenum spacer, you will experience a substantial increase in throttle response, low/mid range hp and torque, and a small bump in overall hp on the top end.