2005-2006 Infiniti G35/2006 Nissan 350z Performance Intake Manifold (2pc set)

*This set is the “Version 1”.  If you are looking for the Version 2 set with the 75mm throttle body, you must email Sales@ShiftTechPerformance.com.

$1398.00 -Only $997.00!


* Additional Plenum Volume
* Internal Casting Machined and Polished For Flow Efficiency
* Pick Your Outward Appearance!
* 10-15 WHP (20-35 whp if paired with plenum spacer on rev-up engines)
* Boost ready (Tested Up To 30PSI)
* Gaskets and Hardware available upon request
* Package deal includes both Upper and Lower plenum to save $$
* +3 mpg observed during testing with 5/16″ spacer (not included)
* Lifetime Warranty!!


Please call or Email to make purchase if you are not expecting a minimum 60-90 day wait! (V2 plenum upgrades require an additional 5-10 days. We will be working hard to drive the wait times down to 14 days or less by March-2021)

These are custom, made to order, and meticulously hand finished to guarantee inimitable quality.  Because of our attention to detail, and the unmatched (literally) performance gains being achieved with our V1 AND V2 set, we are breaking our monthly sales record every consecutive month of 2020…Although this phenomenon is an absolute blessing and we are sincerely honored to have such tenacious support, it is also completely unexpected in the face of the Covid situation on top of Shift Tech’s late arrival to the platform.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these latest updates to the matrix.

Limited inventory. Contact us on FB at Facebook.com/ShiftTechPerformance for availability

Payment required upfront to reserve if on back-order


350z g35 Intake Manifold Set
If you have ever look at the Motordyne MREV2 and thought “does it really work?”. Well… the simple answer is: YES. But we here at Shift Tech Performance thought we would take it a step further with additional machining and some cosmetic options. This 350z g35 Intake Manifold will add power and efficiency to both the vq35de and, especially so, to the rev-up versions. Pick up both our Shift Tech Performance Lower and Upper together as a package and save big!

350z or G35 Lower Intake Manifold

The two front runner are machined down on the 350z g35 Intake Manifold to promote better air supply to the front two cylinders which are typically starved of air. Even without a plenum spacer, you will experience a substantial increase in throttle response, low/mid range hp and torque, and a small bump in overall hp on the top end.

350z or G35 Upper Intake Manifold

Shift Tech Performance took a unique approach to the upper 350z g35 Intake Manifold. By machining down the center support pillars and rounding everything off, we are just removing 6 additional obstacles that inhibit air flow. Grinding off the cast flashing and pitting out of the neck and underside of the cover is also completed to ensure you get the utmost efficiency from your plenum. This is an amazing option for cleaning up your engine bay and unlocking performance for any vq35de Or rev-up engine in your 350z or G35!